Glen Ord Distillery

This is the Glen Ord Distillery in Muir of Ord near Inverness.  The Distillery was founded by the MacKenzie’s in 1838 and produces several fine Whisky of various ages known as the Singleton.

The whisky here is only available to buy in Asia or at the distillery and so you can have the chance to purchase a bottle of the water of life and give your friends a taste of something special.

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Calanais Stones

This is the Calanais standing stones on the Isle of Lewis.  They were erected around 5000 years ago making them older than the famous Stonehenge in England, no one knows exactly what they were used for but the main belief is that they were some kind of astronomical .observatory for the movements of the sun and moon. 

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Forth Bridge

This is the Forth bridge or Forth rail bridge as it is now commonly referred to .  It was opened in 1890  and was constructed by the engineer John Fowler and was the longest cantilever bridge in the world at the time. 

The bridge was built to provide a railway link over the Firth of forth between the areas of Lothian and Fife and  It is now an unesco  world heritage site


Craigmillar Castle

This is Craigmillar Castle on the outskirts of Edinburgh.  It may seem familiar with any Outlander fans as it was used in season 3 as Ardsmuir prison where Jamies friendship with Lord John Grey began.

One of its claim to fame is that Mary Queen of Scots used the castle as a safe haven in 1566.  The castles owner Sir Simon Preston who gave her sanctuary would  turn against her only one year later.  It is also rumoured that the plot to kill her husband Lord Darnley was hatched here by the Earl of Bothwell.   


Falkland's Bruce Fountain

This is The main square of Falkland village, here you can see the Bruce fountain which was donated to the town by Tyndall Bruce in 1856.  He was the local Laird of the estate and who also funded the local church.

Outlander fans will instantly recognise the picture as 1940’s Inverness where the Silhouette of a highlander is standing in the rain watching Claire in the top right window of Mrs Bairds guesthouse and is one of the Outlander film locations you can visit on one of my Outlander tours.



Dunrobin castle

This is Dunrobin castle in the highlands, ancestral home to the Sutherland clan for over 700 years.

It boasts to be the largest house in the highlands with a total of 189 rooms and has beautiful gardens for you to visit as well.  During the season the castle has falconry displays twice a day which are not to be missed.


The Falkirk Kelpies

These are the fantastic looking Kelpie statues at Falkirk.  They were made by  the sculptor Andy Scott and stand guard over the Forth and Clyde canal.

The Kelpie is a creature from Scottish folklore that lived in the lochs of Scotland and would turn into a handsome horse when on dry land, it would wait for a victim to sit on it's back and run into the water and devour them.

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Smallest distillery in Scotland

This is Edradour whisky distillery who claim to be the smallest in the country.  I stopped here on a tour with 4 American boys who wanted to sample some of their drams.

It is extremely picturesque and well worth a visit, if you fancy having a dram tasting of your own then why not make it  one of the stops on your very own personalised tour with Bespoke Scotland car tours.


Balquhidder Church

Took a trip to Rob Roy MacGregor's grave at the picturesque Balquhidder Church, the name Roy or Ruadh (in Gaelic) was given to him due to his red hair.  He was born in 1671 and lived an adventurous life during which he fought in the Jacobite battle of Killiecrankie , became a successful cattle drover and then made an outlaw by the Duke of Montrose over a debt of money.

In later life he was granted a Royal Pardon in 1726 and went on to live a quieter life, he died in 1734 aged 63.